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Why You Need to Remove Raccoons Quickly

Once inside or around your home, raccoons can cause many different types of damage. A wise homeowner will invest in a professional animal removal service in order to remove raccoons quickly, before any damage becomes too expensive to repair.

Raccoons will attempt to enter a home via an attic or a chimney. They will also overturn and damage garbage cans while searching for food. Raccoons can be very adaptable, and have learned that chimneys without chimney caps are adequate entrances into homes. Occasionally raccoons will tear off asphalt shingles, wood shake shingles, or even the underlying roofing wood planks to gain entrance to an attic or upper part of a home.

raccoon-damage Raccoons can also cause considerable damage to the yards and gardens surrounding your home. Raccoons will tear up a garden in search of food, and will effectively destroy and plants such as tomatoes, pumpkins, corn, or other types of produce that many gardeners enjoy growing for personal use. In addition, raccoons can even damage the sod located in your yard. A raccoon will roll up freshly laid sod strips while looking for grubs, earthworms, or other types of underground food sources.

Raccoons have been identified as being among the most prevalent carriers of rabies in the U.S. in recent years. Not only is raccoon removal essential to keep damage in and around your home to a minimum, it is necessary for your family’s safety.

Once inside your home’s attic, a raccoon family will take up residence. It is very difficult – more than the average homeowner can imagine – to remove a family of raccoon’s from an attic without professional expertise. Raccoons are smart, and have learned how to avoid being trapped with many common trapping devices and bait types. A professional animal removal service will remove nuisance raccoons far more quickly and with less expense than you might think.