New Jersey Small Animal Removal Specialists

Animal Damage Repairs

Does your home have any damage caused by nuisance animals? After you’ve called Bill’s to have any animals removed from your home, we’ll also provide you with animal damage repairs caused by unwelcome “guests”. Contact Bill’s for free  animal-damage-repairs estimates for home damage caused by animals. We specialize in animal damage repairs relating to:

  • Roofing – animals can tear up and eat through shingles. Call us to replace and repair shingle damage.
  • Roof woodwork – animals can destroy the underlying roofing structure supporting your shingles. We replace and repair woodwork.
  • Chimneys – we replace and repair the flashing and asphalt seals around chimney bases.
  • Siding – siding, regardless of the material, is a particular target for nuisance animals. Call us to repair or replace your damaged siding.
  • Gutters – we repair and replace damaged gutters, and also remove debris from gutters.

Contact Bill’s Raccoon and Squirrel Removal for animal removal and animal damage estimates!